About Us


Azim Pastry which started in 1998 continues its journey of taste and taste with confident steps. Ltd. Sti. (APM) reflects all the innovations of the world pastry sector to this sector and continues to introduce the pastry products produced in our country to the world.

Our establishment purpose; from planning to procurement process, from distribution to import and export, all stages are managed from a single point and effectively;

APM Gıda enters the structuring process that is right for you with special recipes and applications in line with the needs of your business.

APM's customer portfolio; pastry and bakery craftsmen-craftsmen, industrial food production-factories, out-of-home consumer wholesalers, supermarket chains, hotels, restaurants, cafes and food and beverage sectors.

Since 1998, APM Gıda has been aiming to be the chief architect behind the delicacies offered to end consumers in all hotels, restaurants, markets, cafes, bakeries and pastry shops all over the world.

APM, a company that comes from the dealership tradition; “Liquid Production, Powder Production and Nuts Production Line üç serves in three different lanes with a total product line of 300 items. “The product range of APM brand includes pastry and bakery products, chocolate products and nuts products. Our company has taken its place as a reliable brand among the leading players in the sector with the leading brands in its field, which we are dealership of approximately 2 thousand 200 items.

Quality is Hidden in Detail…

APM Food has a wide range of products from A to Z that can be used in bakeries, out-of-home wholesalers or hotel cuisine for dessert, pastry and bakery products. We aim to combine the local flavors in various regions of the country with the hotel and pastry sector, which are unique to our taste. As a partner in our work with the companies we serve, we become a solution partner in contract manufacturing by realizing the R & D products we have prepared specially for them in the product ranges they want.

We have started to provide services to European countries in exports, where we have progressed confidently and increased our brand awareness and we are proud of this.