1998 APM Gıda was established in Küçükyalı.

2003 Moved to the Keyap site.

2006 By purchasing its own building, APM Business Center started to operate in Ümraniye with its new face. Corporate identity renewed.

2006 - 2013 Diversity was increased by purchasing new equipment for the production of nuts.

2014 A powder production line was established to produce powdered pastry products.

2016 Capacity increase was made by making new investments in the liquid production line and production area was expanded and product range was increased.

2016 Headquartered in Belgium / Brussels


International Flavor and Quality Institute,

in Europe's most prestigious competition

By the world's most famous 120 gourmet and somalis

 the result of the tasting and testing;

APM Cream Patisserie Powder was awarded our past Superior Flavor Award past.

 The 120-person independent jury composed of the world's most famous chefs and tasters, Confectionery gave Europe and Turkey in the first and single cream 'Superior Taste Quality Award'!